Mobile Development Digest #38


It’s yet August but in Stockholm autumn came already. Rainy and uncomfortable (and a lot of people in the subway). I miss sunny Saint-Petersburg… Oh, wait. It was exactly the same, but year around.

I cant help but wait for Apple event next month and I am waiting for new Apple Watch that I definitely want to try.

One more week with Apple TV passed. What can I say. Apps development is quite simple, but I haven’t find a way to deploy apps by air. However, the device as a STB quite disappointing. Tim Cook declared “the future of television is apps”, but in the current state of AppStore on AppleTV it’s not even the far future. Seems like big developers do not want to spend time on adapting the apps and AppStore is full of ugly and useless apps, and a lot of “pay for each movement” apps. Single sign-on and automatic installation of apps is very annoying. I forced to deleted, delete and delete apps from the phone.

Remote control is awesome, but sometimes lagging and I cannot win “3 fruits” in Minions 😁😬😁


Mobile Development Digest #37


In the previous issue I posted a link to an article about live text recognition with iOS 10. I was able to test it in real life environment also (on introduktionsmötet i förskolan) and… No, this doesn’t work good for Swedish. Siri really confused when Sweds are talking with their normal speed. However, I do not lose hope and am working on an update for The Focus to include speech recognition for flash cards.


RippleEffectView component

Here we go. Recently, I’ve been ready article about How to create an Uber splash screen and decided to make some experiments with the code and timings for animation. Actually, that was a “magic” part of whole article. How guys defined those times. Result of the article is quite fine, but it’s not the same as Uber splash screen. However, here is a lot of different effects with just this view. So, in the end I made a small component based on Derek Selander`s artcile and code.

It works fine on both iPhone and iPad (on iPad 3 I saw lagging, but it should be fine on modern versions).

Component written on Swift 2.3 (but it runs on XCode 8 beta 6 without any changes)

Here is the result:

Magnitude: 0.2

Magnitude: -0.8

RippleEffectView code available on GitHub under MIT license.

10 Principles of John Romero

John Romero (idSoftware) has formulated 10 principles in software developer at GDC Europe. Cannot deny I agree.

(1) No prototypes. Just make the game. polish as you go. Don’t depend on polish happening later. Always maintain constantly shippable code.

(2) It is incredibly important that your game can always be run by your team. Bulletproof your engine by providing defaults upon load failure.

(3) Keep your code absolutely simple. Keep looking at your functions and figure out how you can simplify further.

(4) Great tools help make great games. Spend as much time on tools as possible.

(5) We are our own best testing team and should never allow anyone else to experience bugs or see the game crash. Don’t waste others’ time. Test thoroughly before checking in your code.

(6) As soon as you see a bug, you fix it. Do not continue on. If you don’t fix your bugs your new code will be built on a buggy codebase and ensure an unstable foundation.

(7) Use a superior system than your target.

(8) Write your code for this game only – not for a future game. You’re going to be writing new code later because you’ll be smarter.

(9) Encapsulate functionality to ensure design consistency. This minimizes mistakes and saves design time.

(10) Try to code transparently. Tell your lead and peers exactly how you are going to solve your current task and get feedback and advice. Do not treat game programming like each coder is a black box. The project could go off the rails and cause delays.

(11) Programming is a creative art form based in logic. Every programmer is different and will code differently. It’s the output that matters.

Mobile Development Digest #36


Finally, I got my Apple TV and I was really confused with AppStore on the device. It should be thousands of apps, but it’s very small collections in all sections and huge amount of trash-apps. It’s hard to deny that it’s awesome experience with the remove, but VoiceOver makes me mad. It turns on all the time and I have no idea how to turn it off (three taps do not work). Well… anyway, I have several ideas to check and I hope that in the end I will not be frustrated.

September isn’t so far away and this means that we will see iPhone 7 and more devices(?) soon.