Mobile Development Digest #44


Mixpanel released iOS10 adoption report. It is 67% now and iOS 9 around 28%.

Samsung Note 7 is still the problem. One million devices were sold before Samsung stopped sales. Only 13% were returned. There are less than 100 reports about a fact of fire but it is worrying still. Overall situation is not good for Samsung, but good for industry and consumers.

Big story about Dash continues. Bogdan has posted second post about his developer account and Dash. He also posted recording of the phone call to Apple and this doesn’t look smart if he wants return account, but it is quite brave and gives everyone better understanding of how Apple works. I doubt that Apple will do anything after that. Anyway, situation is bit clearer now.




When you getting a critical number of senior level developers in the company you need something to sync knowledge, skills and the way of working. Here, in Dynamo we have meetups for Android, iOS and Frontend technologies, but format and frequency isn’t fit well our requirements.

Today we started regular round table meetings to help us work together better.

btw. We are looking for more Android developers. If you live or want to live and work in Stockholm and your development skills are on the high level, then contact me.

Mobile Development Digest #43


Past week Google presented branded smartphones Pixel, and a lot of stuff for home. You may find comparison here. Previous experience with Google-phones says that it will be pretty good Android-phone. The only question I have is how long Google will support it and when all this bunch of devices will bring consistent experience and looks like real ecosystem? Additionally, to devices Google made huge step forward in machine learning and it’s better to watch presentation if you need details.

Samsung Note 7 caught fire still be careful. 🔥

Apple opened iOS App Development center in Naples. This center was announced in the beginning of the year and now it is opened. According to The Guarding 200 of 4000 applications were accepted.

I got my Apple Watch Series 2 and it’s lagging 😢😭 I hope that I can check how it will work with SpriteKit this week.


Inequality in one image

New CreativeRussia digest is out. There are a lot of interesting stuff (I ♥️ AMA).

They also published results of survey about salaries (top row: women, bottom: men). Numbers on bars are salary in thousands of rubles. There are no objective line to say something about top salary, but median salary for both genders looks alarming. 57% (!) of difference.


Survey results contain much more information based on 600+ responses. Worth to read even if you need Google translate. Most of content are images.

Mobile Development Digest #42


iOS Dynameet meetup last week was pretty good. We discussed animations, quaternions (3D) and GIFU framework. Reda Lemeden, author of GIFU made the presentation. We captured videos and I hope that guys can finish editing soon. At the moment, presentation and source code for the quaternions available for download. I’m going to upload my presentation and demo projects this week.

iOS 10 adoption is 54%, it’s higher than iOS 9 now (40.6%). Pretty fast growing – more than 10% per week. If you aren’t ready to drop iOS 9 support then at least spend some time to update your apps for iOS 10.

Apple finally opened Search Ads. It’s good and bad. Indie developers could get less attention than before, but now there is a legal way to promote your app. The question is – what budget do you need now?