Mobile Development Digest #51


Get your apps ready for the holidays. Apple announced that new apps and updates will not be accepted between December 23 and 27. If you’d like to update your app before holidays then don’t forget to submit them before December 18 (Due to average waiting time is 4 days). FYI, iOS 10 adoption is almost 80% now and everything under iOS 9 is just around 5%.

In this issue:

  • Apple released new beta versions
  • New case studies for Android and iOS
  • Runners gameplay analysis
  • and more

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Mobile Development Digest #48


It was a good week. A lot of people was focused on US election and this has reduced noise in tech news field. I has found some very interesting articles for mastering development skills and for better understanding of how you may debug and improve your apps.

In this issue: Updated in Swift Playgrounds, news from Apple,case studies in development and design, awesome tips and resources for Android.


Mobile Development Digest #47


Oh.. this time of the year. November is probably most dark month in Stockholm. Rains, people are waking up when it is still dark and going back to home when it is already dark. However, pretty soon city will be full of light from small lamps and stars and garlands on balconies.

In the meantime, I have a lot of videos for you and long read articles for long-dark-icy evenings.

In this issue: Apple updates XCode, Swift Algorithm Club is migrating to Swift 3. Tons of videos from recent Droidcons in NYC and London. Code examples and frameworks that will simplify your development. Huge collection of open-source games.


Mobile Development Digest #46


Apple released new MacBook Pro (period). I don’t know what to say, but if earlier I had a reason to upgrade (e.g. performance) then now… Well, numbers and figures in presentations are good, but due to technical specification of video cards it’s not so fast as it should be in 2016/2017. Touch panel on the top of the keyboard? Why touch pad itself wasn’t converted to this interactive field? Well. Anyway, Apple updated MacOS HIG and included touch bar description.

Apple released WatchOS 3.1, and that’s significantly decreased power usage. Now I charge my watch every 3rd day and not every day… Anyway sounds a bit crazy. Charging a watch… Just ten years ago, could I ima…

However, it’s not a good time for smartwatches at all. Due to IDC summary drop in sales is more than 50% and Apple got more than 70% decrease in shipments. On the other hand, they still the biggest supplier.

This week iOS 10 adoption decreased a bit😋, probably just a fluctuation.


Mobile Development Digest #44


Mixpanel released iOS10 adoption report. It is 67% now and iOS 9 around 28%.

Samsung Note 7 is still the problem. One million devices were sold before Samsung stopped sales. Only 13% were returned. There are less than 100 reports about a fact of fire but it is worrying still. Overall situation is not good for Samsung, but good for industry and consumers.

Big story about Dash continues. Bogdan has posted second post about his developer account and Dash. He also posted recording of the phone call to Apple and this doesn’t look smart if he wants return account, but it is quite brave and gives everyone better understanding of how Apple works. I doubt that Apple will do anything after that. Anyway, situation is bit clearer now.