Month: March 2016

Mobile Development Digest #22

Apple event past week was a little bit boring if you was waiting for really new devices or things. On the other hand, Apple revealed device utilization focuses (and this give more sense to the update program). Also health and research frameworks are also may create completely new markets for the apps and devices. I […]

Mobile Development Digest #21

Do not miss todays Apple event, 5 PM Stockholm time (10am PDT). Rumors say that it will be new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch refreshing. Personally, I do not wait for anything, because I want to buy Watch 2, but it will be released not earlier than this fall. Also, it might be new release of XCode […]

Microsoft HoloLens available for preorder

Just for $3000. The first wave ships March 30th, 2016. It looks really nice in promo video, but I’m afraid a bit. Microsoft isn’t really good in this kind of innovation and they easily cancel projects. It’s quite obvious and yet very expensive toy to be cancelled after a year. Same as Samsung VR it still […]

Dead Hand episode 2. Last day of war

Almost two years ago first episode of Dead Hand was released, two days ago episode 2 became available on public. I find it very thrilling and interesting to see. Good graphics and scenario, just interesting to see. Not an Animatrix, or “9”, but… I just liked that. Episode 1 “Fortress”  

Royalty free 16GB bundle of FX sounds

That’s huge (and good marketing step). We couldn’t make it to the game developers conference this year,  but wanted to do something special for the community. In celebration of #GDC2015, we have teamed-up with many of our suppliers to offer all of the #GameAudioGDC attendees and non-attendees a large number of premium sound effects (hand-picked) from each of their libraries. […]

Mobile Development Digest #20

Distinct from the past week, this time we got three big things. First, the announcement of Apple’s special event on March 21. Second, release of the developer preview for Android N. The last one – Facebook bought MSQRD, and this is awesome. I really glad that Masquerade team got this. Surely, it’s a lot of […]

Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge and Oculus

Samsung came today to Telia HQ and presented their new phones and VR. Pretty nice, good devices and quite comfortable VR, but… I didn’t find significant different from Cardboard in meaning of quality of VR feeling. Anyway, I was really enjoying episode from Avengers in 3D+360Âş and I liked Edge screen. It would be nice to […]

Mobile Development Digest #19

I was quite busy last week, so this issue is relatively tiny. iOS What’s new in Swift 2.2. ++ and — will be deprecated, same as var parameters in functions. Better support for in-code documentation. A lot of tweaks of existing functionality. Swift asserts explained. This is not mystical topic, for sure, but it is useful […]

Mobile Development Digest #18

iOS Some kind of cheatsheet for UITextField and Swift. All those small things that you need to remember. Swift Package Catalog from IBM. Cant believe, but looks like they got fresh blood. They released web-based Swift Sandbox, now this catalog. What’s next? Anyway, I find this as really good sign. LinkedIn developers describes experience with […]