Month: April 2016

Dynamo Digital Ventures is growing

We are growing rapidly and looking for more iOS and Android developers. Our team located in Stockholm. We are looking for skilled developers who knows and loves software development and ready to share their knowledge and culture. Yeah, that what you see in many descriptions :) In Dynamo: We have regular technology meetups Professional development program […]

Mobile Development Digest #26

WWDC 2016 announced and will take place in San Francisco, June 13-17. Alternatively, it’s possible to visit AltConf, that will run in parallel from 13 till 16 June. Last year, presentations from AltConf were really good. So, it’s not a second prize, but really good mobile alternative if you don’t have ticket to WWDC. I’ll […]

AnimatedSwitch component

I’m polishing my skills in animations and created material-design-like UISwitch. It animates background change when switch status changes. AnimatedSwitch code available at GitHub, MIT License. Special thanks to Marin Todorov who helped me to solve really weird problem with CALayer.

Mobile Development Digest #25

F8 conference took place past week. No surprise that it was the main source of the news about development. At least, bots are now becoming more and more popular (here is an contrary view on why bots won’t replace apps). Personally, I’m waiting for non expensive 3D/360º cameras and frameworks that will allow to create apps […]

The Focus – Fastest way for memorization of foreign words

I’ve been practicing my skills in animations and wrote an app for words memorization. It based on Flashcards methodology for learning new information. Flashcards are not limited to only language learning, but in this app I use it for this purpose only.

Software catalogs still alive

Your software (PGuard – Privacy Protection Tool 1.2.4) has been added to the *** listings. Program has been downloaded and tested by our team, and it has been found free of any viruses, spyware, or adware. That’s so cute… I developed this app many years ago… It was a lot of stuff like that those […]

Mobile Development Digest #24

One of the hottest discussions this week is that FB, Google and Uber might use Swift as a “first class” language. I really like this possibility. In iOS and MacOS development Objective-C looses its position rapidly, but it’s a surprise that it gets attention from companies that originally were focused on Web and Java languages. […]

Mobile Development Digest #23

iOS ARC, Swift and simplification of the memory management still require good understanding of what is going on in the memory. Breaking Swift with reference counted struct shows how to create unmanageable data structure in the memory. How we migrated our Objective-C projects to Swift. Skyscanner case study. I do not really like idea of […]