Month: May 2016

Mobile Development Digest #31

A bit late this time. Let’s think that Tuesday is a new Monday. Anyway, I’m moving from south to central Stockholm and will have a lot of work to do during this period and next digest could also be late. In this digest. WWDC Scholarship interviews, more Swift code and frameworks, well stated opinion regarding universal […]

AnimatedSwitch updated (now with blackjack and… you know)

AnimatedSwitch is a subclass of UISwitch which paints over the parent view with specified solid color (material-like design). Now it supports two more predefined fill shapes – Star and Diamond. It is possible to use custom UIBezierPath. MIT licensed, free for all. Get AnimatedSwitch on GitHub.

Mobile Development Digest #30

WWDC is coming, Swift 3.0 is almost ready, Google I/O took place past week. Great milestones. One of them most people missed. International collegiate programming contest finished past week. I really surprised and glad with the results. Five of first ten teams are from Russia. First place is by the Saint-Petersburg State University. Congrats guys!


Just a shooter, right? However, marketing campaign is great and promotion videos is what I really want to watch from the beginning to the end.  

Mobile Development Digest #29

iOS I spent several months on learning how constraints are working in iOS and still have some troubles when XIB/Storyboard mixed with code. New tutorial and awesome diagram is what highly recommended for everyone who is working with constraints.

Mobile Development Digest #28

Market of game development frameworks is growing. Every week bringing more and more news from the field, for example Unity release report for Q1, or release of the framework that allows to teach bots w(not “that” bots) with help of games. This is thrilling how the game industry affects everything else, even people who do not […]