Month: June 2016


Most exciting transformation of Sweden happens the day before Midsommar. Just yesterday you saw a lot of people on streets, cars, kids in kindergartens, people worked hard in the office. Today, it’s like apocalypse came. Empty roads, only traffic lights are working with that tick-tick-tick-tktktktktktktktk.

Mobile Development Digest #33

I think that WWDC this year compensated all disappointment of special event on March. iOS 10, new integrations (I wish Siri can perform custom commands), Swift 3, and much more. This year Apple had live streaming also and all videos already available on the website. So, my playlist for vacation is completed now. You may […]

Mobile Development Digest #32

WWDC right today and I’m going to Expressen to see it online together with other iOS developers in Stockholm. It was a lot of predictions and hopes regarding today event. Some of the things we can predict already, like how market will change after huge changes in payment model and search ads in AppStore. It […]