Month: August 2016

Mobile Development Digest #38

It’s yet August but in Stockholm autumn came already. Rainy and uncomfortable (and a lot of people in the subway). I miss sunny Saint-Petersburg… Oh, wait. It was exactly the same, but year around. I cant help but wait for Apple event next month and I am waiting for new Apple Watch that I definitely […]

Digital Art, Neural Networks and Prisma

In recent newsletter from ElloĀ I find very interesting art create by Laura Fluture, that inspired me to challenge myself. Post contains blinking images, so be careful if you have any problems with that (GIFs are quite big ~15MB)

Mobile Development Digest #37

In the previous issue I posted a link to an article about live text recognition with iOS 10. I was able to test it in real life environment also (on introduktionsmƶtet i fƶrskolan) andā€¦ No, this doesnā€™t work good for Swedish. Siri really confused when Sweds are talking with their normal speed. However, I do […]

RippleEffectView component

Here we go. Recently, I’ve been ready article about How to create an Uber splash screenĀ and decided to make some experiments with the code and timings for animation. Actually, that was a “magic” part of whole article. How guys defined those times. Result of the article is quite fine, but it’s not the same as […]

10 Principles of John Romero

John Romero (idSoftware) has formulated 10 principles in software developer at GDC Europe. Cannot deny I agree. (1) No prototypes. Just make the game. polish as you go. Don’t depend on polish happening later. Always maintain constantly shippable code. (2) It is incredibly important that your game can always be run by your team. Bulletproof […]

Mobile Development Digest #36

Finally,Ā I got my Apple TV and I was really confused with AppStore on the device. It should beĀ thousands of apps, but it’s very small collections in all sections and huge amount of trash-apps. It’s hard to deny that it’s awesome experience with the remove, but VoiceOver makes me mad. It turns on all the time […]

We’ve moved

Dynamo moved to the new, nice office. Soooo excited!

Copy it

Aleksei Poimtsev (Progressive Engine)Ā has pointed out on the unknown developer who released clones of two known app: Telegram and Prisma to the App Store. If Telegram is more or less fine, except the nameĀ and description, then clone of Prisma is a guide for Pyramids (huh?!) with in-app for turn off ads. Screen shots completely the […]