Month: September 2016

Mobile Development Digest #41

iOS 10 adoption is growing, now it’s close to 40% (30% past week). iOS 9 is 55% now and iOS 8… well it’s in summarized “Older” now. I’m still waiting for my Apple Watch Series 2. Want to check how SpriteKit works there ?¬†and SceneKit? This week Dynamo will host meetup for iOS developers. I’ll […]

#backatayyab update

The story about my colleague Tayyab that began last week got good coverage in media, from local to international: The Nordic Web: Dagens Industri:¬†–blir-utvisad Breakit: SvD: Expressen: 1, 2, 3 HD:¬† The Local:¬† During weekend more than 4500 people signed petition to review Tayyab’s case again. We need 10000 till the end […]

It is difficult to take into account the individual’s innocence…

In the beginning of this week we got horrible news from Migrationsverket. One of my colleague’s workpermit extension was declined and he and his family have to leave Sweden in 4 weeks. Had he made something wrong? Personally, I think not, but it’s better to read article and decide on your own. This is frustrating […]

Mobile Development Digest #40

I’ve been sick last week and had too weak to write a digest. However, it was important week for iOS developers. Bunch of updates were released, starting from iPhone 7, Watch Series 2, iOS and TVOS 10 (Read 16 pages comparison of iOS 10 and iOS 9). New Swift 3.0 and XCode… This time developers […]

Animated transformation of circle into rectangle that you never saw [with Swift and CALayer]

This is my first ever tutorial of this kind and I appreciate any feedback (including wrong English sentences and unclear explanations). Thanks! I found¬†this animation in Twitter and was amazed with breathtaking effect of the wave-like expanding and transformation. Here is original GIF: squarcle. #gif #processing #loop — Charlie Deck (@bigblueboo) June 9, 2016 […]

Mobile Development Digest #39

Two days more and we will see how Apple thinks to compete during next year. In the meantime, Google has suspended Project Ara. I thought that it was cancelled already. How far ago they announced it, 2011, 2012? It’s too long to be in development stage these days. However, project itself it really interesting and […]