Month: October 2016

Mobile Development Digest #46

Apple released new MacBook Pro (period). I don’t know what to say, but if earlier I had a reason to upgrade (e.g. performance) then now… Well, numbers and figures in presentations are good, but due to technical specification of video cards it’s not so fast as it should be in 2016/2017. Touch panel on the […]

LinkedIn Learning – Free till Oct. 30

There a lot of topics for developers. I hadn’t find “advanced” topics, most are “essentials” or “start with”. However, it’s free so it’s good to check if you think to have some additional knowledge in border areas, before you’ll buy subscription and books at RayWenderlich ;) Especially if you’re in Russia and LinkedIn is not […]

Mobile Development Digest #45

iOS 10 Adoption growing, but not so fast. Here is one more subjective statistics. It’s not so bad as for Android, but… well, I need it 90% to drop support of iOS 9 :)

Dyn Managed DNS under DDoS

That’s huge. Dyn Managed DNS under DDoS right now. If you cannot access Twitter, Reddit, Paypal, AirBnb, Pinterest and other top sites then here is why.

Mobile Development Digest #44

Mixpanel released iOS10 adoption report.Ā It is 67% now and iOS 9 around 28%. Samsung Note 7 is still the problem.Ā One million devices were sold before Samsung stopped sales. Only 13% were returned. There areĀ less than 100 reports about a fact of fire but it is worrying still. Overall situation is not good for Samsung, but […]


When you getting a critical number of senior level developers in the company you need something to sync knowledge, skills and the way of working. Here, in Dynamo we have meetups for Android, iOS and Frontend technologies, but format and frequency isn’t fit well our requirements. Today we started regular round table meetings to help […]

Tweets from top mobile developers and communities

Feed starts with list developers from previous digest combined by Ajith R. Nayak, but also contains my old subsciptions. It might looks a bit overloaded by political humor atm, but I hope that after election in US peopleĀ will return to technical questions. :) Twitter link. Top mobile developers and communities

Mobile Development Digest #43

Past week Google presented branded smartphones Pixel, and a lot of stuff for home. You may find comparison here. Previous experience with Google-phones says that it will be pretty good Android-phone. The only question I have is how long Google will support it and when all this bunch of devices will bring consistent experience and […]

Inequality in one image

New CreativeRussia digest is out. There areĀ a lot of interesting stuff (I ā™„ļø AMA). They also published results of survey about salaries (top row: women, bottom: men). Numbers on bars are salary in thousands of rubles. There areĀ no objective line to say something about top salary, but median salary for both genders looks alarming. 57% […]