Month: November 2016

Mobile Development Digest #50

In this issue: Swift approach to localization Thoughts about Protocol oriented programming Apple and Google news Awesome frameworks   Get fresh digest by email

Mobile Development Digest #49

In this issue: Swift and Android development tips Google explains that Android not a monopoly in GIFs Microsoft releases VS preview for Mac Several case studies on architecture, design and rewriting app for Swift 3 Stanford free course for game developers Unity report for Q3.

Mobile Development Digest #48

It was a good week. A lot of people was focused on US election and this has reduced noise in tech news field. I has found some very interesting articles for mastering development skills and for better understanding of how you may debug and improve your apps. In this issue: Updated in Swift Playgrounds, news […]

Mobile Development Digest #47

Oh.. this time of the year. November is probably most dark month in Stockholm. Rains, people are waking up when it is still dark and going back to home when it is already dark. However, pretty soon city will be full of light from small lamps and stars and garlands on balconies. In the meantime, […]