Month: December 2016

Mobile Development Digest #54

This is the last issue for year 2016, and its content is a combination of the most popular articles which were published during the year. Also, It contains results of a survey about predictions for 2017 that I started last week. It was spontaneous idea and no surprise that I haven’t receive thousands of responses. […]

Mobile Development in 2016 Results

A week ago I published a link to Mobile Development in 2017. Just 7 questions for developers about 2016 and 2017 years. Here is results: 2017 Predictions Survey Results. If you missed that by any reason, and want to contribute then you can do this till the end of this year.

Swift & iOS Books for 2017

Finally, I bought enough Swift books for improving my knowledge and I’m happy. Now, I’ll spend couple months on reading. Usually, I learn by code and fresh articles from all over the Internet. This also was a reason why I started to write Mobile Development Digest. However, this way allows to get pieces of information […]

New Year is coming. Ready to share ideas?

I’m working on the Mobile Development Digest #54 and I have few questions to mobile¬†developers. 7 anonymous questions about your 2016 and predictions for 2017. Please share your ideas and next year we will return to the results. Should be fun :) Google Forms:¬† Cover based on¬†Scott Umstattd photo

Gatebox Virtual Home Robot

Gatebox opened for pre-order. Idea behind might be a bit creepy from western countries point of view, but for Asia it might be a big thing. Visualisation technology seems to be similar to Hatsune Miku hologram. Voice recognition for “direct” communication and messaging bot when user outside of premises. Seems like this robot can be […]

Find my phone

The guy uploaded spyware to his phone and left it to be stolen

Mobile Development Digest #53

Kickstarter open-sourced Android and iOS apps.¬†It was quite popular news last week and has been shared several hundred times. Why it’s so popular? Well… it’s a popular service, they support open source and their code isn’t Swift 3 yet. So update to Swift 3 will be some kind of reality show. Don’t miss a chance […]

RippleEffectView updated to Swift 3

It available through Cocoa Pods also. Thanks to Maximilian Alexander. Add pod ‘RippleEffectView’ to your pods, or install manually. GitHub:¬†

Utsparkade. #backatayyab update

Tayyab’s story continues. His case and Mathias Plank (Founder & CEO Dynamo)¬†launched an avalanche of events. Seems like here¬†is a chance to change labour rules in Sweden. In the meantime, Tayyab’s case got attention of TV again. This¬†morning Veronika Lindstand from Migration Board and Clarence Crafoorf from Center of Justice discussed with situation at Nyhetsmorgon […]

Mobile Development Digest #52

Apple released list of this year best apps and the developers behind them. Each app has list of stores where it was the best. Despite the fact that games bring more money than any other kind of software, this list contains a lot of non-game apps. Use it as insight for different markets and for […]