Year: 2017

Mobile Development Digest #79

New 2018 year is coming. I am truly interested what do you like in the digest, what don’t and what do you want to read in 2018. Please fill out the survey and participate in the digest evolution! Thank you, @ALSEDI

Black Friday 2017. Discounts for mobile developers.

This is not a big list so far. More offers are on the way. Keep in mind that some vendors will reveal their offers only on Friday night. iOS The Pragmatic Bookshelf has total discount on all books. Use turkeysale2017 to get a 40% discount Erica Sadun. Swift Style Daniel H Steinberg. A Swift Kickstart, Second Edition RayWenderlick […]

Mobile Development Digest #76

I do not want to say anything about Apple event past week. Friend of mine who was fan of Apple products ordered Samsung Note 8 after that. Personally, I will buy iPhone X later. It is still most powerful smartphone in the world and together with ML and new core it stays most interesting mobile […]

Mobile Development Digest #75

Only 6 days left to Apple special event. New devices (I hope) and release versions of XCode and iOS. You know, I always complain about too many introductory and basic level articles. This is an effect of low entrance level to mobile development. Every developer can create successful app and not need deep understanding in […]

Mobile Development Digest #74

Finally, I have found strength in myself to continue work on the digest. I’m sorry for the long delay but otherwise digest will fall into copy-paste without real curating. Just several weeks left till Apple presentation and changing of iOS 11 and XCode status to production. It’s a good time to check your apps for iOS […]

Mobile Development Digest #73

More than two months ago I posted previous digest. Sorry for this pause, that were tough months. Now everything is back to normal and I will continue work on this digest.


I’m proud to work in the company that work with this @dynamomobi — Alex Sergeev  (@ALSEDI) June 27, 2017 Couple months ago I wrote about an app that Dynamo is working on – FitnessCollection. Today morning I met this truck with ads of another app that Dynamo works with – LoopRocks. This made my day. […]