Month: January 2017

Mobile Development Digest #59

This¬†was a good week. Apple announced several important changed in iOS 10.3. Also, this week Apple will relocate iTunes, Apple Music and Apple Store to Ireland. This has no any effect on developers and users. Fastlane joined Google¬†and that’s a question how Google will use it. Swift 3.1 and Kontlin 1.1 got more details for […]

Upcoming features in iOS 10.3

Upcoming¬†release of¬†iOS 10.3¬†provides new SDK method for request reviews from users. It’s pretty limited and will not replace custom components for requesting reviews, but benefit of SDK is that user stays in the app and leave review directly to the App Store. Definitely Apple may make it only one legal way to leave comments in […]

Mobile Development Digest #58

Finally,¬†Samsung defined list of problems which lead to explosion problem with Note 7. It’s remarkable attitude to problem detection and I really glad to see this¬†way of presenting what and how was done. Especially in comparison to Apple who¬†do not want to do anything with¬†batteries behavior on cold. Literally, I cannot use ¬†my iPhone 6S […]

STHLMTech Anniversary

I don’t go¬†to startup events usually. I think this is not for developers and maximum value is in mingle, but not every event attract enough people who can invest and looking for a company to invest. This time I decided to come because it was the anniversary (if you can say so about 4th birthday) […]

Mobile Development Digest #57

The week full of news! First of all, this was a week of 10 years anniversary of iPhone. Spend some in nostalgia with¬†original press release for the iPhone and take a look how iPhone changed the industry¬†(and one more). Most shocking news was that two guys left Apple and joined Tesla. First is Chris Lattner […]

Searching for Half-Life 3

Image from Gameinformer, believed that it is from Half-Life 2: Episode 3 concept. Gameinformer published fantastic interview with one of the developers in Valve that explains a lot of things that happens with Half-Life series. There is no simple answer to question when we will see new story from this world, but it worth to […]

VR/AR Experiments

Refreshing my knowledge in SceneKit and found this early experiment with AR and rendering virtual objects on real place surface via camera¬†in SceneKit. It took just an evening. 3D Model that I used can be found here. As you may see it’s rendered not 100% correct in SceneKit, but for experiments it’s good enough.

iPhone 10 Years Anniversary

Ten years ago Steve Jobs presented iPhone. It wasn’t the first touch-screen-PDA-music-phone thing in the history and its abilities were far away from todays iPhones and iO, but it changed industry. I remember that year, i had pretty modern Asus PDA with stylus. I was able to play games, browse web-pages, even type texts. The […]

Mobile Development Digest #56

Winter vacation period is over and work life returns to normal. I finished reading of Swift Style book and will wait for next chapters.¬†It’s in beta state and not 100% ready. My opinion still the same – this book need to be on a bookshelf of every Swift developer. Next book in queue is Advanced […]