Month: April 2017

RWDevCon 2016 Vault Opened

All videos, project files, slides from RWConf 2016 (free) ???¬† #iosdev #swiftlang #indiedev — Alex Sergeev Ô£Ņ (@ALSEDI) April 27, 2017

Mobile Development Digest #71

Biggest newsmaker last week was F8 event. Usually Facebook focused on web technologies, but this time major updates came from AR/VR field. It is worth to read Facebook Developers news blog to understand what FB proposed this year. Here is all videos from the conference. I really appreciate all the people who spent some time […]

AnimatedSwitch updated to Swift 3.1

Sometimes simple things takes too much time. Now, I need to figure out how to add this to CocoaPods :]   AnimatedSwitch updated to Swift 3.1 #iosdev #swiftlang — Alex Sergeev Ô£Ņ (@ALSEDI) April 20, 2017

Mobile Development Digest #70

Easter looong weekend! Only today,¬†I realised that this is not a Monday. Sorry, for the delay with digest. This time, for iOS developers, I found interesting articles and source code for¬†neural network implementation in Swift (and courses for you if you need to learn basics of AI, ML and NN). For Android developers I have […]

TestFlight updated

Also I cannot find “Start testing” button anymore. More about changes:¬†

Mobile Development Digest #69

Main event of the year is not so far away from now. Apple WWDC conference will run at June 5, tickets are distributed and this is a good time to challenge yourself and try to predict what Apple will give us. Follow the link and reply to five simple question. Why? In some sources you […]

WWDC 2017 Predictions

Main event of the year is not so far away from now. Apple WWDC conference will run at June 5. In fact this blog is in reading list of thousands people all over the word.¬†Not all of us are Apple fans, but most of us more or less depends or have interest in Apple technologies. […]

Explosion in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

I know that many devs from SPb is reading my blog. If you don’t know about todays explosion then read this¬†[ru]. You may check your friends safety on Facebook:¬†  

Mobile Development Digest #68

There is the bunch of news from Apple this week:¬†Swift 3.1 and new XCode 8.3 released. Apple pay has extended to Taiwan. Swift more and more popular (due to GitHub stars counter). I hope you’ll enjoy¬†this week digest. As always, send me feedback and propose articles, frameworks and tutorials for the next MDD.¬†@ALSEDI. Get fresh […]