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Mobile Development Digest #66

In Digest #65 I told about problems with apps which use Story is not yet finished and Eyal Keren (CTO) wrote¬†An Open Letter to Apple from ‚Äď Proposing a SECURE JavaScript Injection Approval Process. A week passed from the post date but Apple has not reacted yet¬†@ALSEDI Get fresh digest by email Any […]

Mobile Development Digest #65

Apple started fight against apps which can update itself after review. Once again, this situation shows how vulnerable everyone in face of big companies who owns widely spread technologies. You may stay on the market for years but with only one line in agreement your business is over. Apple announced WWDC scholarships program. If you’re […]

Mobile Development Digest #64

Hi guys! Here is Mobile Development Digest #64. This week I have a lot links about animations and Swift 4. I had found more good articles about Android development also. If you have any comments then you can PM me @alsedi. Get fresh digest by email Any problems? Drop me a note

Mobile Development Digest #63

Have a nice beginning of the spring and sorry for the break in the schedule. Get fresh digest by email Any problems? Drop me a note

Mobile Development Digest #62

Hello. That was a good week and Apple was the main newsmaker. At the first place, they announced next WWDC’17 in San Jose. Tickets will be distributed by lottery in the end of March. Everyone who will not be able to participate can enjoy conference online at developers site. Apple revealed trailer for upcoming series […]

Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals? Damn!

This is the first article in the series of “Swift? Damn!” articles. If you hadn’t read the¬†introduction¬†then please do it now. So… we are writing a¬†game and ¬†in the same time friends of mine studying Swift and asking me about all unclear things. Optionals were the first topic on which¬†I¬†got hard¬†questions. From Objective-c perspective optional […]

Swift? Damn!

Two friends of mine are dinosaurs in coding. They are developing apps in Objective-C and every time we speak about Swift they continuously complaining that they do not understand thiiis and thaaat, with Objective-C it would be faster… it looks like java scriiipt.. blah blah blah. Sometimes they refer to some open source projects. Pretty […]

Mobile Development Digest #61

Hello! I have collected a lot of great tutorials and new frameworks which you can try this week. Last week I asked for feedback about this digest. I received several good advices (Special thanks to Lucas Farah). During nearest weeks, I’m going to implement some of them and improve the way I present the information […]

One line CSV parser with Swift (The power of Swift)

We developing new game in ALSEDI and one of the tasks is parsing of CSV-like format. I find that it’s really fun and simple task with Swift. CSV format may contain complex and sometimes style-breaking elements, like comma between quotes. If you have this case then you need to use more powerful¬†parsing methods, like regex. […]

Good feeling

That feeling when you walk to the work and see an ad for app you’ve worked on couple months ago.