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I‚Äôm proud to work in the company that work with this @dynamomobi — Alex Sergeev Ô£Ņ (@ALSEDI) June 27, 2017 Couple months ago I wrote about an¬†app that Dynamo is working on – FitnessCollection. Today morning I met¬†this truck with ads of another app that Dynamo works with – LoopRocks. This made my day. […]

RWDevCon 2016 Vault Opened

All videos, project files, slides from RWConf 2016 (free) ???¬† #iosdev #swiftlang #indiedev — Alex Sergeev Ô£Ņ (@ALSEDI) April 27, 2017

AnimatedSwitch updated to Swift 3.1

Sometimes simple things takes too much time. Now, I need to figure out how to add this to CocoaPods :]   AnimatedSwitch updated to Swift 3.1 #iosdev #swiftlang — Alex Sergeev Ô£Ņ (@ALSEDI) April 20, 2017

TestFlight updated

Also I cannot find “Start testing” button anymore. More about changes:¬†

WWDC 2017 Predictions

Main event of the year is not so far away from now. Apple WWDC conference will run at June 5. In fact this blog is in reading list of thousands people all over the word.¬†Not all of us are Apple fans, but most of us more or less depends or have interest in Apple technologies. […]

Explosion in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

I know that many devs from SPb is reading my blog. If you don’t know about todays explosion then read this¬†[ru]. You may check your friends safety on Facebook:¬†  

Good feeling

That feeling when you walk to the work and see an ad for app you’ve worked on couple months ago.

Upcoming features in iOS 10.3

Upcoming¬†release of¬†iOS 10.3¬†provides new SDK method for request reviews from users. It’s pretty limited and will not replace custom components for requesting reviews, but benefit of SDK is that user stays in the app and leave review directly to the App Store. Definitely Apple may make it only one legal way to leave comments in […]

STHLMTech Anniversary

I don’t go¬†to startup events usually. I think this is not for developers and maximum value is in mingle, but not every event attract enough people who can invest and looking for a company to invest. This time I decided to come because it was the anniversary (if you can say so about 4th birthday) […]