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Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals? Damn!

This is the first article in the series of “Swift? Damn!” articles. If you hadn’t read the¬†introduction¬†then please do it now. So… we are writing a¬†game and ¬†in the same time friends of mine studying Swift and asking me about all unclear things. Optionals were the first topic on which¬†I¬†got hard¬†questions. From Objective-c perspective optional […]

Swift? Damn!

Two friends of mine are dinosaurs in coding. They are developing apps in Objective-C and every time we speak about Swift they continuously complaining that they do not understand thiiis and thaaat, with Objective-C it would be faster… it looks like java scriiipt.. blah blah blah. Sometimes they refer to some open source projects. Pretty […]