Dynamo Digital Ventures is growing


We are growing rapidly and looking for more iOS and Android developers. Our team located in Stockholm.

We are looking for skilled developers who knows and loves software development and ready to share their knowledge and culture. Yeah, that what you see in many descriptions :)

In Dynamo:

  • We have regular technology meetups
  • Professional development program
  • Friday breakfasts for all employees
  • Parties every first Friday of a month
  • Founders are near to developers and very open
  • External and internal projects
  • It’s 40 of us of 20 different nationalities

If you interested to be a part of this, then contact me at LinkedIn.

I have worked in many companies and for me Dynamo is improbably good. However, work here requires a lot of “self-” things, self-motivation, self-awarenes, sell-learning and more and more. If you have it you’ll a lot of opportunities to improve your self.

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