iPhone 10 Years Anniversary

Ten years ago Steve Jobs presented iPhone. It wasn’t the first touch-screen-PDA-music-phone thing in the history and its abilities were far away from todays iPhones and iO, but it changed industry.

I remember that year, i had pretty modern Asus PDA with stylus. I was able to play games, browse web-pages, even type texts. The problem was in apps. It was so hard to find anything good and not infected by viruses. After a year of use I was able played one game and used one app that was IRC, and that’s all. Really powerful device and no way to apply it in my life.

I’d like to say that iPhone changed this in one moment, but no :) I have all possible modern Apple devices and only one thing that really changed my day routing is Watch, but iPhone, iPad, MacBook, TV and Watch became a part of my everyday environment. However, everything (expect MacBook, but… MacOS was seriously affected by iOS last years) has been started from the first iPhone.

It’s good day to remember. This day is important milestone in technologies history.


In my feed I find two videos that good to watch.

First, iPhone introduction.

Second, Steve Balmer Laughs at iPhone. Balmer might looks wrong these days, but… to say truth he might be right. Seems like Apple looses its focus.

Thanks Apple, Steve Jobs and all talented unnamed engineers and designers who made it.


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