It is difficult to take into account the individual’s innocence…

In the beginning of this week we got horrible news from Migrationsverket. One of my colleague’s workpermit extension was declined and he and his family have to leave Sweden in 4 weeks. Had he made something wrong? Personally, I think not, but it’s better to read article and decide on your own. This is frustrating that in country like Sweden formal way of working dominates more and more on wish to find solution. That is quite simple in this case.

Dynamo is small company and this decision shocked us all. All of my colleagues are highly skilled professionals, and I don’t know any another company that have so many people from so many countries: 56 of us and 25 countries, but we are working as we came from one. No conflicts, no problems, patience and similar sense of humor. We are different, but we are value the same things. It’s more than just sad feeling because we might loose our colleague.–ska-utvisas/

En av Sveriges skickligaste i sitt yrke – nu utvisas Tayyab | Nyheter | Expressen Han är högutbildad, har bostad i Stockholm och sägs tillhöra de skickligaste i Sverige inom sitt yrke. Men nu ska Tayyab, 27, utvisas från landet.

On the bright side, Dynamo is taking the fight and connected lawyers in attempt to appeal against the Migrationsverket decision. Here is Mathias Plank (our boss) message.

upd. Please sign petition if you want to help.

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