Mobile Development Digest #15


Past week Facebook launched interesting investigation related to theory of Six Degrees of Separation. There are no fundamental papers, but it worth to read anyway. This investigation shows how simple (should be) to find someone whom you need in any profession (excluding countries where Internet is not yet presented).


Overload Swift type ambiguityThat’s still a problem in the Swift. Additionally, the article presents another type of probable errors related to overloading and extensions.

Oneliner from Apple. CloudKit now supports server-to-server web service requests. JSON api makes it possible to use on all devices. Not sure that it’s good replacement for independent servers and cross-platform sync, but it might be good for small apps at least.

Linkedin approach in writing UI tests.


Fixing Memory leaks in Android. Might be a bit basic, but as an iOS Developer I really angry about debug tools for Androids.

What’s new in Android Studio 2.0.


Forbes articles about problem of short term usage of wearablesI had smart watch couple years ago, and would like to comment. It’s just uncomfortable to charge it every day and functionality was not so good as I expected (thanks to Samsung I now have very sceptic feeling about their products at least, but also still not want to by Apple watch for personal use).

Software Development

A minimum viable product is not a product, it’s a process

New article from Mixpanel. Why most A/B tests give you bullshit results. That’s really important discussion, because now we have a lot of tools for A/B testing. Even couple years ago it wasn’t so easy from technical side. On the other hand, tools does not solve the problem of knowledge and ability to plan tests. A/B tests are not only about how to place “Buy” button to increase conversion to 1000%. A/B tests is to measure meaningful aspects of the app (or in general – product with all it’s components).


Solid article about UX basics.

One more time about animations and the strategic decisions on them.

A bit scary, but impressive behind the scenes video of The Chemical Brothers “Wide Open”. How combination of several technologies creates stunning image.

Cover photo by NASA

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