Mobile Development Digest #16


Fastline is now part of Fabric. I hope they will not put it to their “nice” update app. Another big thing last week is Amazon Lumberyard. It’s a game engine that currently supports only Windows, XBox One and PS4, but other systems, including mobile are coming soon. Lumberyard based on CryEngine, so it’s real competitor to Unity. On the other hand, if backend needed then only choice is Amazon.


NSPredicate Cheatsheet (Obj-c examples).

Personally, I usually use JSON to store the data, because it’s easy reuse in Android or Web, but plists might save a lot of time if you do app only for iOS/MacOS. How to use property lists in Swift is good overview of that.

Pragmatic Core Data presentation from Florian Kugler ( (video & presentation)

Awesome folding UITableViewCell.

How to peek and pop a specific view inside a UITableViewCell (3D touch).

Solid discussion about constraint change animation.


Optimizing layouts in Android – Reducing overdraw. it’s very simple way, but non-obvious and will not work for 100% cases.

List of Android RAD Frameworks and tools. In Excel. X.X

Big Data / Data Visualization

Mitaka project has been updated. Now it contains most (all?) objects of the known Universe and allows to “travel” between them. It’s not app-for-fun, but reliable for scientist investigations, for example it contains information about orbits for 20000 asteroids, detailed topographic maps of Earth, Moon and Mars, and huge amount of objects from mathematical models (and yet it fun to travel, because app has several modes0 :).


NASA giving away space travel posters in retro style. One of them on the cover. PDF and TIFF available and free for personal use. I’m going to print them all.

Cover photo by JPL

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