Mobile Development Digest #17

Samsung Unpacked


A bit more than a week ago, Tim Cook published message to Apple customers, regarding the FBI request to help with getting data from the iPhone 5C which belonged to terrorist by development of special iOS version with weak security options. Anyone who want may follow the Apple vs FBI timeline here, or read more about Secure Enclave to get better understanding of technical side. Public discussions are just started, but in most places it’s not a discussion, but just a statement of position. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and few more top technology companies supported Apple, but not very actively. At least at the public.

It’s hard to predict how it will end, more important is that everything now in hands of USA citizens, but decision for the case will affect whole world and future generations (if something will not make all current IT technologies outdated).


HUE – small library (looks more like a small extension). That simplifies work with colors. It can work with HEX values, generate gradients and detect is color dark or bright, is it contrasting to another color. Pretty handy.

Hello Server Side Swift. Quick start tutorial for server-side development. Thanks again to Apple for Open-Source Swift and ability to create server side apps and reduce amount of languages used in small projects and probably during testing.

One more library for reachability. This one has nice API.

80lvl release notes writers: Medium.



Samsung presented their new phones: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. As usually, Eldar Murtazin is the first in review (Russian).

Not so Android, but again from Samsung. It looks like Facebook makes bet on the Samsung’s VR.

Software Development

The blockchain application stack. Blockchain itself looks very promising new way of development secured apps. It’s not just a Bitcoin and could be used extensively in data-critical areas, like medicine, banking, etc.


New glibc vulnerability. Client side developer can do nothing with that (in 99.9% of cases), but it need to know. This tweet shows why it’s so important. Android itself is not affected because it uses alternative lib from Google. Apple’s OSes are not directly affected because they based on BSD.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.42.31 AM

Windows 10

Microsoft retreats back to the low-end with the Lumia 650. I still have the same opinion as many, that Microsoft too late to mobile market, but this phone running Windows 10.

UI Design 

The (very) best of Material Design in 2015, by version of MaterialUp. MaterialUp community do very good job in this field. That is important, all of the examples are feasible on both iOS and Android.

Yuji Horii, author of Dragon Quest, shared design document for the first game in franchise.

Consistent, Thin, & Dumb: Redesigning the Spotify iOS App. Hector Zarate explaining Spotify way of development.


Cover image from Mark Zukerberg Facebook page.

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