Mobile Development Digest #19


I was quite busy last week, so this issue is relatively tiny.


What’s new in Swift 2.2. ++ and — will be deprecated, same as var parameters in functions. Better support for in-code documentation. A lot of tweaks of existing functionality.

Swift asserts explained. This is not mystical topic, for sure, but it is useful to use asserts in more complicated way than just assert(true, “oh my god”)

30 Days of Swift. 30 tiny projects as an way to learn Swift. Could be used as an inspiration for the same study.


App to App: Designing Local APIs on Android.


Three mobile onboarding tactics to make the best first impression. It’s never enough.

Life Story

Here is two related life stories from apps developers about success and failures. First, about  Pixite photo editing apps and company. It’s nice and long read based on timeline of the company activities. Second, is a development story of a game that took a year. Surprisingly, that the article reflects the failures of Pixite in development and marketing and provides the solution, like lessons learned.

Creative Process

Exciting Making of The Bear and The Hare for John Lewis Christmas Ad

Cover photo by Mike Wilson

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