Mobile Development Digest #20


Distinct from the past week, this time we got three big things. First, the announcement of Apple’s special event on March 21. Second, release of the developer preview for Android N.

The last one – Facebook bought MSQRD, and this is awesome. I really glad that Masquerade team got this. Surely, it’s a lot of discussions and misunderstanding regarding this deal (some people think that it’s just luck). Here is the big interview with Juri Gurski (Russian) and one Yuri’s Facebook post that explains a lot.


Three libraries to make your work with animations simple. EasyAnimations (created by Marin Todorov, author of the book iOS Animations by Tutorials), Advance (created by Storehouse, one of the most beautiful photo editing app app) and Pop (Facebook). Use them wisely if UIView/CALayer animation is unclear for you.

Showcase of ArrayLiteralConvertible queues. Personally I never used arrays this way. Anyway it’s interesting way to handle non-realtime streams for examples.

Hope I’ll visit try! Swift conference next year. Natasha The Robot wrote so nice summary post, so I can not help but wait for next year.

Around 2000 games are releasing everyday to AppStore. Horrible…

How to use Code Injection in XCode. Promising way of working with small changes in UI and logic, that not requires rebuild an app. I tried last week with my projects… but, it doesn’t work for me :/


Android N Developer preview is available. It can be installed on Nexus models and Pixel C. This update includes beta features like Multi-Screen support, Direct reply to notifications for phones and tables (earlier it was available for Android Wear only), better (what?) Java 8 support.

Google proposes a discount of 25% if you’d like to buy this device (limited to several countries).

Google Introduced Resizer. Online simulator for testing of responsive design.

UI/UX Design

The past week I posted a link about on boarding tactics for the app. I found one more interesting article regarding onboarding or user teaching area, but now for games. It doesn’t mean that it is not applicable for the other kind of apps. Personally, I think that experience of gamedev is must have knowledge area that every mobile developer should now. Games reach more people than any other app, and games covers all genders, ages, social groups.

Interesting approach to email confirmation. User directed to GMail with prefilled search request. In the results, 67% of users confirmed subscription in less than 60 seconds. There are no data to compare, but it looks like a good thing.

The price of not using UX Patterns. What if you want to do something differently in your app, something that looks a little bit another than the same thing is OS? Pretty simple experiment that shows how carefully developers and designers should be.


Prediction of 2016 Healthcare IoT from IBM Center for Applied Insights.

Hipsters in development.

Cover photo by Jeremy Thomas

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