Mobile Development Digest #21

Do not miss todays Apple event, 5 PM Stockholm time (10am PDT). Rumors say that it will be new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch refreshing. Personally, I do not wait for anything, because I want to buy Watch 2, but it will be released not earlier than this fall. Also, it might be new release of XCode and update to Swift after this event.


Replace Animation. Android like material-design animation for table view and its header.

Resize by

Creating custom walkthroughs for your apps. Impressive library based on CoreAnimation to make onboarding. Source code included.


Round corners with UIBezierPath. Actually, the name should be “create any shape with UIBezierPath. Good thing is that this also can be animated.

Swift abstract syntax tree. I wish XCode will stop crashing because of extensive usage of protocols in my code. Anyway, this is great tool that helps a lot in debug time.


Finally, Android embracing the bottom navigation bar. Google gave up on hamburger menu?


Sonniss gives away 16GB of loyalty free fx sounds. It’s not the only one pack that they give away, last year it was six 1GB packs. I find it very kind :)

Other staff

Fractals rendering 3.5*10^8 iterations.

Responsive pixel-art.

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