Mobile Development Digest #22


Apple event past week was a little bit boring if you was waiting for really new devices or things. On the other hand, Apple revealed device utilization focuses (and this give more sense to the update program). Also health and research frameworks are also may create completely new markets for the apps and devices. I hope that next models of Apple Watch will collect more health and activity data.

In summary, Apple presented small, but much more powerful device than all previous models (personally, I’ll stay with iPhone 6S Plus, because of the size), health frameworks, intensive reuse of outdated, but still usable hardware componentsā€¦ I have good feeling about upcoming WWDC and next Apple event this autumn.


A first look at the Swift Express web server. Linux targeted Server-side Swift implementation based on Node.js. Requires several dependencies for work, but looks good. It does not look like production-ready thing, but could be helpful in development.

Scrolling Stack Views. Good alternative for UITableView and UICollectionView if you do not need reuse or have (relatively) static elements.

XCode 7.3 released (same is iOS 9.3). Check release notes. Apple enhanced static analyzer, now it can detect missed localizations, but it need to be turned on manually. Debugger also got a lot of improvements, including cool features for game developers. In my projects it stopped crashing on autocomplete for properties of protocol types, e.g. Protocol.Protocol.Protocol

Swift 2.2 released. Allow (most) keywords as argument label (surprise!). Tuple comparison operations. Referencing the Objective-C selector of a method (thank you!).

KeychainAccess, wrapper for iOS & MacOS Keychain SDK. This framework can save a lot of time if you do not need very specific things.


How Libraries can silently add permissions to your Android App.

UI/UX Design

Several animation types explained. A mix of iOS and Android ways to give users feedback for actions.

Motion Design is the Future of UI. I can’t deny that animations potential is much bigger than just giving feedback to the user, or make app perception more “smooth”. Idea to use animations to “hide” long time processes and latency attracted me more and more, and this topic also covered a bit in the article.

Ten Styles of App Store Screenshots. Nice overview of most popular styles in the AppStore. I’ll keep it in my wall :)

Other staff

We’ve come to very interesting era. Group of scientists from Stanford, Max-Planck-InsituteĀ  for Informatics and University of Erlangen-Nuremberg presented a new method for real-time face capture and reenactment. It’s much more powerful than what used in MSQRD app.

Cover photo by SĆ©rgio Rola

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