Mobile Development Digest #23



ARC, Swift and simplification of the memory management still require good understanding of what is going on in the memory. Breaking Swift with reference counted struct shows how to create unmanageable data structure in the memory.

How we migrated our Objective-C projects to Swift. Skyscanner case study. I do not really like idea of mixing Swift and Objective-C. It might cause serious problems in the future, not only for readability, but also for code support, but for the past couple months I got several requests for development in Swift for projects written on Objective-C. So, it might be a trend.

Two articles that describes in details what may affect price of the app development. Part 1 and Part 2 here.

In case you’re missed it in articles about app costs, astonishing periodic table of SDKs.

In one of the previousĀ digests I told about how doĀ I prefer to define globally used identifiers (variables and constants)Ā in Swift – classes with static variables or functions inside. It’s really simple in meaning of memory usage, and speed effective. However, now I see thatĀ it might be a bit unclear for other developers. Classes are good, but it’s possible to instantiate them, so it may cause some… misunderstanding and growing number of WTF per second. So, here is the way how to do the same Job with enums in Swift and do not end up in the hell of memory consumption.

Videos from the try! Swift

UI Design

Handy color palettes resource Lolcolors, very simple UI, nice addition to FlatUIColors.

Cross platform

Xamarin tools will be free for Visual Studio customers, runtime to be open sourced

Other stuff

Cold Casting your 3D Prints. I like videos and methods like this. It’s really easy understand and repeat by your own. More important that it’s not just about some fun. This technique can be used to produce physical prototypes in metal (if you’re not happy with plastic prototypes in any meaning). Also, If you understand how things can be made in real life then itā€™s much easier to simulate them in app.

Cover photo by Andrew Ridley

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