Mobile Development Digest #25


F8 conference took place past week. No surprise that it was the main source of the news about development. At least, bots are now becoming more and more popular (here is an contrary view on why bots won’t replace apps). Personally, I’m waiting for non expensive 3D/360º cameras and frameworks that will allow to create apps and videos for VR. I really do not understand why Apple do not have anything in this field, but I do not what to switch to Android just because of that.

I’m a little behind of VR/3D/AR and just started to check what Apple’s Watch can do. In fact, it’s really easy to write the app for Watch, but strange thing is that people do not really like this device. I do not own the Watch, so I asked colleagues and friends to borrow me one. I got five (!) responses in total with mood like “use it as long as you want” .


Automatic memory leak detection on iOS. Special thing that Facebook uses in the development. It will work only for objects based on NSObject.

Easy way to combine NSAttributedString [GitHub]. It’s not so hard, but this lib is a Swift way to setup an attributed string.

Two more videos from try! Swift conference. I wonder why publishing videos from the conf is sooo non-systematic. Anyway, they are really good:

Classic and reactive programming. React spreading quickly on mobile, but a lot of developers think that it’s just about programming with JS (due to several discussions in Slack dev channels). This article explains the real difference between two approaches.

In addition to previous. Facebook app for F8 conference source code and how it was created tutorials. Surely, it is referenced to React Native.

Finally, two frameworks for working with images. GPUImage for fastest image processing and framework for work with GIF (no, that one works on CPU).


Lessons learned about user reviews from the creator of Blackbox app. 10000 five star reviews in 4 weeks. wow.


Designing More Efficient Forms: Structure, Inputs, Labels and Actions.


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