Mobile Development Digest #26


WWDC 2016 announced and will take place in San Francisco, June 13-17. Alternatively, it’s possible to visit AltConf, that will run in parallel from 13 till 16 June. Last year, presentations from AltConf were really good. So, it’s not a second prize, but really good mobile alternative if you don’t have ticket to WWDC. I’ll be wonder if Sweden (okok! at least Europe) will run something similar.

It’s interesting that WWDC uses extensively “hello” that seems like referrer to THAT presentation of Mac with Steve Jobs.

Short digest this time. I went to Russia last week and had no time for reading the web.


AnimatedSwitch that I published last week has got some attention. Seems like I will need to do some updates for the control.

Long read about compile and runtime type chicking in Swift.

Using Metal framework. It’s just basics, but remarkable thing is that everything made in Playgrounds.

Building a fitness app with HealthKit. Simple step-by-step tutorial.

Quit my full time corporate job. Built an iOS game. It became #1 in the App Store. Here are revenue numbers and what I learned. It’s not a blog post it’s an article on Reddit. Stats, ideas, lessons learned, right from the author. Discussion for the article is improbably good.

More insights from developers. Guess who is publisher?


Should you add Watch support into your apps? Richard Turton have some advices.

New Horizons

CERN has released more than 300 TB of high quality open data. Records contain information about proton collisions happened on LHC in 2011 (previous release contained 27 TB for 2010). Good time to make next night sky app for iOS.

Cover photo by Marat Gilyadzinov

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