Mobile Development Digest #27



Probably, the best explanation of how convenience initializers work in Swift.

Filterpedia: Complete list of Core Image Filters with image examples and code.

Apple will remove ++ and — operators in Swift 3.0. Frustration, no fate feeling, want it back? “Sometimes letting go doesn’t mean saying goodbye”. Use this operators redefinition by Erica Sadun. Personally, I agree with the motivation and find it is right to not use it.

iOSStack curated collection of iOS everything. World do not want to go to semantic web stillā€¦ However, content structured well and there a lot of useful things.

Usage of WebP image format in iOS apps. Images are still the big problem. I sure that it will not disappear in the nearest future. Usually, I use ImageOptim before every AppStore build, but I’m going to do some apps for Apple TV and a question of images appeared again. WebP seems like a good thing.


SOLID principle explained, but not finished :) I is for the Interface Segregation Principle. S, O and L also available, but D is for “Coming soon” o.O


Two frameworks became free and available for developers. Atomic Game Engine now free, MIT and available on GitHub. Second, Defold from King (CandyCrash). This one is not so free, because relies on Defold account and servers (same as Amazon Lumberyard).

Both frameworks are cross-platform and supports mobile and desktop systems.

Other stuff

One more word about IT hiring process that becoming more and more messy and confusing for the software developers. No word about UK-based-recruiters, probably, because it is about US. Anyway, if you’re in process of looking for a job and getting rejects, rejects, rejects without any reason, then read this article.

Cover photo by Alex Wong

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