Mobile Development Digest #28


Market of game development frameworks is growing. Every week bringing more and more news from the field, for example Unity release report for Q1, or release of the framework that allows to teach botsĀ w(not “that” bots) with help of games. This is thrilling how the game industry affects everything else, even people who do not play computer games. Isn’t it a next big thing?

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Apple signed partnership with SAP. This might put on hold many in-house development related to enterprise apps on iPhone. Actually, together with MDM it will creates reliable and secure apps for enterprises. Wellā€¦ in ideal world, but here is SAP that is oversized, overcomplicated and expensive. Who wants to learn Fiori?ц

Swift building time is the very annoying thing. Here is some ideas on how to reduce it, author created plugin for XCode that available at GitHub.

When to drop iOS8. My strong opinion is that iOS8 should not be supported already. It’s quite old devices that cannot be updated to iOS9.

Fast and undemanding to resources Swift library for text recognition.

Mobile app playbook by Twitter. End-to-end development from design to analytics. It’s not so new, but it’s really useful not only for beginners, but for any indie. It’s really easy to miss some details during development just because it is too much details.

15 days of animations (11 so far). Github based study on animations by Larri Natalicio. Inspired by two other similar studies, 100 days of Swift and 30 days of Swift. Hard to deny it inspires me also, but I’m too lazy and too skeptical on results of that. It’s perfect for personal education, but creates a noise in the future. These projects not supported and now updated to latest versions of SDKs, but with all their stars they will stay on top for a long time and will cause problems for new developers.


Google is scheduling investigations on Android Studio usage. Don’t miss a chance.

Performance problems in libraries. Just in libraries? I though Android is lagging just by itself ;)


In the previous digest, I noted Defold engine released by King. Here you can read interview with Defold evangelist Oleg Pridyuk (Interview is on Russian).

UI Design

How fast should your UI animation be. Short story with references to deep study. Additionally, don’t forget about colors perception. Here is the study for the associations with different colors.

Super fast color schemes generator and just one set of colors that is enough for mockups.

Cover photo by Marcin Milewski

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