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I spent several months on learning how constraints are working in iOS and still have some troubles when XIB/Storyboard mixed with code. New tutorial and awesome diagram is what highly recommended for everyone who is working with constraints.

Collection data structures in Swift. Explanation of how Arrays, Dictionaries and Sets work from complexity and performance point of view.

Documenting your Swift code in XCode using Markdown. After a year of working in continuously extending teams I am starting to love this approach more and more (Here is cheatsheet-like reference).

Swift guide to map filter reduce. Swift provides very effective and simple ways for work with arrays. However, these ways are the same as pointers in C. If you understand them then they are simple and effective, if not you’re in trouble.

One more video from try! Swift conference:

UI Design

Screens, sizes, densities, resolutions. If you don’t use vector graphics then you need to choose which resolution you will design for and then to scale to required later. Design at 1x – It’s a Fact provides useful tips for this.

New Instagram logo made a lot of discussions past week. Here is kind of office point of view on how it was and why it was redesigned this way.


Tools for interactive 3D web. Quite impressive engine for creating 3D and VR apps using HTML. Code available on Github.


Moritz (ex-Soundcloud) from Phiture shows fast, easy and zero costs way how to improve visibility of an app in the AppStore.

What is takes to launch an app. Timeline of one project.


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