Mobile Development Digest #30


WWDC is coming, Swift 3.0 is almost ready, Google I/O took place past week. Great milestones.

One of them most people missed. International collegiate programming contest finished past week. I really surprised and glad with the results. Five of first ten teams are from Russia. First place is by the Saint-Petersburg State University. Congrats guys!


Swift 3.0 is coming and it is not so easy to track all the changes. Here is more or less detailed change log. Why more or less? Because scope is not yet finalized. I know this kind of instability makes many developers mad.

Apple announced new iOS App Design and Development accelerator in Bengaluru. It will be opened next year. It would be interesting to see how it will affect the industry in next couple years.

Brief overview of CoreAnimation.

Awesome tool for building custom UI animation easing. Pretty good for CALayer animations.

Have you ever thought about how NSDateFormatter and NSCalendar behaving if user changes locale in run time. Here is some insights.

Interesting on GitHub


Google I/O highlights.

All videos from Google I/O 2016 are available online already.

UI Design

39 studies about human perceptions in 30 seconds.

Long read about how technology hijacks people minds.

Other stuff

Fantasy(?) about hyper reality.

One of the things from the video will appear this fall. Realtime translation device from Waverly Labs.

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Cover photo by Hoach Le Dinh

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