Mobile Development Digest #31


A bit late this time. Let’s think that Tuesday is a new Monday. Anyway, I’m moving from south┬áto central Stockholm and will have a lot of work to do during this period and next digest could also be late.

In this digest. WWDC Scholarship interviews, more Swift code and frameworks, well stated opinion regarding universal iOS-Android design.


WWDC Scholarship Interviews part1. Additionally to regular tickets to WWDC Apple offered 350 spots for students and members of STEM. To get a ticket students were asked to submit an app, then Apple will judge and decide who is good for the WWDC. Actually, these interviews is incredible insight on what to wait on WWDC and what you probably what to do in the next couple months :)

How to secure data of an iOS app. Keychain, HTTPS.

Detecting low power mode. Must have for any app.

Random number generators in Swift. I believe that this topic now is closed.

Interesting on GitHub

  • fantastic-ios-animations. Huge collection of open source components that made with animations (I surprised that my AnimatedSwitch was also added).
  • LeeGo. For those who like to build UI in code.
  • Then. One more, but super simple and effective.
  • tween-controller. Build menus, tutorials and onboarding. It’s a bit mysterious description on the page, but behind it’s just wrapper for animatable properties. However, quite comfortable and not lagging.


Again, try! Swift was really great conference. Videos are awesome.

UI Design

Why porting an iOS Design to Android will not work. That’s a good topic to discuss and this is one of well stated opinions. Personally, I do not agree. In the past years iOS and Android (and Windows Mobile if you remember that OS) got a lot similar features. I pretty sure that in the future it will have enough similar behavior patterns and designing things in iOS way can make Android better.

How to apply a design thinking, HCD, UX or any creative process from scratch. It’s brief but perfect article for developers.


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Cover photo by Chepe Nicoli.

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