Mobile Development Digest #32

WWDC right today and I’m going to Expressen to see it online together with other iOS developers in Stockholm.

It was a lot of predictions and hopes regarding today event. Some of the things we can predict already, like how market will change after huge changes in payment model and search ads in AppStore. It still a lot of open questions about future of tvOS (seems like it’s not so successful), probably new frameworks and markets for the apps (we do not have good things for educational apps still).

Anyway, just several hours to the keynote.

Do not forget, that WWDC will bring as not only Apple DevSessions, but also videos from AltConf and Layers conference.


UIKonf 2016 videos. Sessions from two days that covering technical and marketing topics.

Avoiding the overuse of @obc in Swift.

Network activity indicator. I pretty sure it should be some combination of extensions that can do this job automatically, but this is nice solution also.

Handy way to cancel blocks in GCD. Quite old way, but I didn’t know about it.

In-depth review (unfinished) of Google and Apple Maps. All at once these two maps became most popular, used and very important. Special apps based of these maps are used even in airplanes as secondary informational displays.

Interesting of GitHub


How to make a game like Candy Crush with Sprikit and Swift. It have to be a part of Raywenderlich’s book about game development. I do not like this kind of games, but tutorial is extremely good.


What every developer needs to know about Google I/O 2016.

Mobile Marketing

The app boom is over. Numbers and predictions of what is happening and what will happen with apps in the future. About a 16 years ago, when I ran my first shareware company I read a lot of articles about marketing and state of the market. You know, it was exactly the same “market will die soon, because big labelsā€¦ people do not want to download new apps, etc. On the other hand, it’s a fact that AppStore is overloaded by the apps and huge amount of them are not good, or full of ads, or clone some other. I do not see a problem here, but I see really big challenge. Several years ago market was full of new ideas and apps, from utilities to games. Today, it’s almost cloning each other. So, I find it reasonable that downloading growth is slow down.


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