Mobile Development Digest #33


I think that WWDC this year compensated all disappointment of special event on March. iOS 10, new integrations (I wish Siri can perform custom commands), Swift 3, and much more. This year Apple had live streaming also and all videos already available on the website.

So, my playlist for vacation is completed now. You may watch videos with official, unnoficial app or download all of them. It’s hard to select which videos to see first, so here is some tips.


This time it’s just highlights, because all interesting things are right here, on Apple website and it is to many of them to count as separate links.

Swift playgrounds in iOS10 is the thing that really can change the way how kids and new developers learn the language, but can you teach your parentsĀ how to developā€¦ hmmā€¦ Bad news is that I need new iPad for this.

Swift 3.0 preview 1 released. It’s more for geeks for the moment, because it easily may be changed in next releases. However, if you missed all previous discussions then go and check it against your current projects.

Apple updated AppStore Review Guidelines. Almost completely refreshed.

watchOS 3 takeaways. It’s significant changes there and the thing here is that Watch app is now a bit more than just attachment to the main app and requires more attention in meaning of performance and UX that before.

objc guys introduced Swift talks. Seems like Ray Wenderlich success in this field will bring us more new in the area of professional video tutorials.

Interesting on GitHub

  • AssistantKit. Device and OS information wrapper.
  • Stellar. Animations framework based on UIDynamics.

UI Design

Apple Design Awards 2016. (Low-poly) games, multimedia and fitness. This opens a lot of possibilities in all other areas. I believe that business apps and lifestyle/productivity have a lot of chances to get more attention next year.

Mobile Marketing

Numbers and graphs about good name for the app in AppStore.

The new way to make your app viral (more technical). It’s about how to create stickers pack for new iMessages.

AppStore analytics shows impressions from now. Welcome to the word of end-to-end analytics.


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