Mobile Development Digest #34


No word about Pokémon Go… oh wait.

This year mobile market is exploding. MSQRD, then Prisma, now Pokémon Go. Products that got their millions of users horribly fast. All of them about what do you see on the screen or camera. I heard that professional (huh?) Pokémon trainers do not use AR, but in real life I see that people use it all the time. I expect that soon special tools for rainy and cold days will appear on a market.

MSQRD extends current reality with aligned 3D models. Pokémon Go do the similar thing, but uses it to manipulate users behavior. Prisma stylizes the view, but it can do much more. What does it means… First of all, It means that now exists a lot of people who has powerful phones with good internet connection. At second, a lot of people are ready to follow specific pre-defined behavior to get some virtual goods.

I have one question. When extended reality glasses will be produced?


Let’s back to the present.


XCode 8 beta 3, iOS 10 beta 3 and TestFlight that supports build for these versions are out. Have you noticed how stable betas this time? I updated few of my devices, including phone, and had no problems with that since Beta 1. In comparison to the past releases it’s just unbelievable.

End of source breaking changes for Swift 3. No, it’s not time to convert your code yet. Swift team doesn’t accept more requests that may break code of your projects, but numerous of them already waiting for implementation. Check the list. However, if you want to then please read this first.

Story about redevelopment of Comedy Central iOS App.

Sell 1B iPhones. Done ✅.

Amazing example of how simple SceneKit is. I find 3D scenes development quite hard. I have no 3D artist behind me, so this area is something like a dark room for me and no man to explain me even simple things. This article clearly shows how Apple simplifies work with 3D world and now I feel that I have to check this framework. Probably it might be useful and easy enough for non-game projects?

Collection of best practices for high-performance Swift code.

Mobile Marketing

Cameron Craig shares his thoughts about PR. Ten years experience with Apple worth to read.

Smartwatch sales fall by 1/3. Bad news. However, it might signalize that people are waiting for new devices, but not a real loose of interest to wearables.

UI/UX Design

Complexion Reduction: A New Trend In Mobile Design.

Interview with Sofia Polyakova, founder of the Noun Project.


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