Mobile Development Digest #35



Apple introduced a bug bounty program $25k to $200k payout. This invite-only program will start in September. There are no official press release or any link to Apple, but it was presented on Blackhat conference by Ivan Krstic head of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture. Here is quite interesting thoughts about this program.

SoundCloud uses React Navite and here is why.

List of iOS development podcasts.

NatashaTheRobot’s talk about protocols and associated types in Swift

Interesting on GitHub

  • IBLocalizable. Add IB property to automatically create record in localizable.strings for IB elements.
  • Postal. Swift framework for working with emails.
  • ColorMatchTabs. Nicely animated custom tabs implementation.

UI/UX Design

4 ways I’ve fucked up as a designer.

A psychological approach to designing interfaces.

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