Mobile Development Digest #36


Finally, I got my Apple TV and I was really confused with AppStore on the device. It should be thousands of apps, but it’s very small collections in all sections and huge amount of trash-apps. It’s hard to deny that it’s awesome experience with the remove, but VoiceOver makes me mad. It turns on all the time and I have no idea how to turn it off (three taps do not work). Well… anyway, I have several ideas to check and I hope that in the end I will not be frustrated.

September isn’t so far away and this means that we will see iPhone 7 and more devices(?) soon.


Apple released several updated to beta versions of new generations of iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS and XCode. Latest is Beta 6. It seems like XCode stopped to modify XIB files just because you opened it.

ShinobiControls continues their series on iOS-day-by-day. Not so much for iOS 10, but they have a lot of examples for iOS 9 and iOS 8. I believe it is actual still.

Interview with Lee Burrows, lead iOS developer who is working for Next PLC and Capital One.

Apple announced simplified submission process. One set of screenshots that will be scaled to all screens and localizations. Some developers are complaining that it doesn’t work properly. In most cases re-upload, or uncheck option Use English (U.S.) 5.5-Inch Display.

Build a speech-to-text app in iOS 10. Apple made great job with Siri. This article explains how to use Speech framework for live recording.

Foundation classes losing the NS prefix in Swift. Not all of them but those which common for all platforms.

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