Mobile Development Digest #37


In the previous issue I posted a link to an article about live text recognition with iOS 10. I was able to test it in real life environment also (on introduktionsmötet i förskolan) and… No, this doesn’t work good for Swedish. Siri really confused when Sweds are talking with their normal speed. However, I do not lose hope and am working on an update for The Focus to include speech recognition for flash cards.


Swift 3 changes in Beta 6. Everyone who used principle “write everything private first” has a lot of problems now, e.g. private  functions defined in extension are not visible outside of extension block for its own class! This is so weird. Hope it will be fixed.

iOS 10 Beta 7 available for download. That was fast.

Magical error handling in Swift. I skipped this article earlier because I posted several really good explanations of error handling already, and  well… to say truth, when RW authors uses game image assets  for non-gaming articles it’s annoying. However, I forced myself to read it and that’s really good article to read. It explains how try, try!, try?, throws and rethrows works, and explanations look much clear than in other sources.

Good news everyone. Fabric can detect OOM now.

Pattern matching in Swift. Another great article on RW site regarding use of pattern matching for better code stability and clarity.

Interesting on GitHub


UI/UX Design

It always good to keep refreshing the view on animations. In many projects animations are the biggest challenge, and undervalued opportunity to improve user perceptions of the app. 90% of the article is what everyone already knows (but illustrations are quite nice, thou). However, rest of the article is pointing on animations as team competition.

Is it my or yours interface? Have you ever note this inconsistency in UI? Your images, my music, this computer.

When to use switch or checkbox. It’s a bit… strange article, but it has couple good ideas to argue with designers.

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