Mobile Development Digest #38


It’s yet August but in Stockholm autumn came already. Rainy and uncomfortable (and a lot of people in the subway). I miss sunny Saint-Petersburg… Oh, wait. It was exactly the same, but year around.

I cant help but wait for Apple event next month and I am waiting for new Apple Watch that I definitely want to try.

One more week with Apple TV passed. What can I say. Apps development is quite simple, but I haven’t find a way to deploy apps by air. However, the device as a STB quite¬†disappointing. Tim Cook declared “the future of television is apps”, but in the current state of AppStore on AppleTV it’s not even the far¬†future. Seems like big developers do not want to spend time on adapting the apps and AppStore is full of ugly and useless¬†apps, and a lot of “pay for each movement” apps. Single sign-on and automatic installation of apps is very annoying. I forced to deleted, delete and delete apps from the phone.

Remote control is awesome, but sometimes lagging and I cannot win “3 fruits” in Minions ???


Must read for all iOS Developers. 10 Gotchas Apple Developers Should Know About in iOS 10. Changes in inheritance of UIStackView, UIViews with overloaded¬†layoutSubview, SSL, etc. I haven’t got any problems on iOS 10 Beta 6, but it’s good to check yours apps before the mid of September once more.

Here we go. iOS 10 beta 8, tvOS beta 7.

Repeatedly returning topic about code formatting. This time about guard formatting from Erica Sadun and command-line tool that became very popular last week from Nick Lockwood. Looks insane, so many forces on this and none of the approaches is 100% compatible with clang.

Interesting on GitHub

  • SwiftLocation.¬†Sexy Location Manager and Beacon Monitoring for Swift
  • Retry.¬†Haven’t you wished for `try` to sometimes try a little harder? Meet `retry`
  • FCAlertView.¬†FCAlertView is a Flat Customizable AlertView for iOS (Objective C)


Android Studio – Firebase backend full course.

Best practices in app security. Lovely topic by all developers. The same problem is for iOS [ru].


I was intrigued by this article (Melting geometry in Houdini) and took a look on the engine. I have no progress at the moment, but apprentice version (and Indie?) can be download for free from the Sidefx website. Good to try.

UI/UX Design

All Apple devices vector mockups for free (Pay what you want or grab it for free).

Generate nice screenshots for AppStore in web. If you lazy enough to use Photoshop then this site is for you. It’s just started¬†and¬†amount of filters and designs isn’t big, but it¬†looks growing and in future it can be very helpful¬†tool.


Fast-Follow Apps: What They Are and Where They‚Äôre Gaining Traction. I was waiting for this kind of article. In fact, this is like a plague that almost shows hidden crisis in the development for mobile devices. It’s really low entrance level that leaded to¬†huge amount of developers without good ideas, but with access to App Stores and skills that allows to create any kind of clone for an existing app. Definitely, there are no 100% ways to protect your product from cloning, but it’s possible to mitigate negative effect of cloners. One of them is to think more on localization and integration options. Second, described in article, is to cover your product with IP rights.


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