Mobile Development Digest #39


Two days more and we will see how Apple thinks to compete during next year.

In the meantime, Google has suspended Project Ara. I thought that it was cancelled already. How far ago they announced it, 2011, 2012? It’s too long to be in development stage these days. However, project itself it really interesting and results might be reused in many areas. Might be in IoT? Seems like Google might have some plans.




Apple sets limit to an app name to 50 symbols¬†and not only. Don’t play with the system they say. Moreover Apple will clean up the AppStore (that mostly unusable if you are look something for iWatch or at AppleTV). Starting September 7th Apple will remove apps from the store that no longer function as intended (including those which¬†do not meet review guidelines). In fact it means that Apple will force developers to keep¬†their apps updated all the time.

Benchmarks for the Top Server-Side Swift frameworks vs Node.js. serverside_swift

A (mostly) comprehensive list of Swift 3.0 and 2.3 changes. I’d like to say, that in most cases you do not need to care about this. Migration assistant in XCode works perfectly and it’s not so hard to convert project to Swift 3.0. However, it might change the code architecture by adding numerous extensions for the existing class. Also it will distribute functions and delegation methods between extensions (e.g. if you define delegate methods then extension for this will be created).

Strings in Swift 3 and Sort descriptors in Swift. Excerpts from Advanced Swift book by


Interesting on GitHub

  • ImagePicker.¬†?¬†Reinventing the way ImagePicker works.
  • AudioKit.¬†Open-source audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform.


Reduce APK Size. I’d like to add that use of ImageOptim is a must have practice. Can save you much more than all plays with libs.


What 2 years of Android development have tought me the hard way.


33 Mobile Game Benchmarks and Rules of Thumb. Soomla collected a lot of data that can help you understand how success your game is. A lot of numbers starting from retention on days, marketing spendings, monetization, etc.

ClashCon 2016 cancelled. Supercell decided to focus on games improvements rather than talk to players (yes, but no).

UI/UX Design

Teaching robots to Feel: Emoji & Deep Learning. A bit specific to Dango, but it is interesting how do they make groups of emojies to talk to people and keep meaning clear. ‚ėēÔłŹ

UX Design tips for your app.


How people see an app before downloading from AppStore


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