Mobile Development Digest #40


I’ve been sick last week and had too weak to write a digest. However, it was important week for iOS developers. Bunch of updates were released, starting from iPhone 7, Watch Series 2, iOS and TVOS 10 (Read 16 pages comparison of iOS 10 and iOS 9). New Swift 3.0 and XCode… This time developers were under high pressure, I think. SceneKit editor is crashing all the time for me.

Anyway, the week after the update iOS 10 adoption is 30% due to Mixpanel. Really good. Let’s see when it will hit 90% (new year?). Apple doing well to increase it. Frontpage of AppStore is full of iOS10 apps.

It was quite easy to miss big update on GitHub because of this. If you use GitHub you would be surprised with huge and solid changes in GIT tools.


Brief and clear explanation of basic Swift 3 API design guidelines. Complete API Design guidlines can be found here.

Swift playgrounds available in AppStore.

XCode 9 Document Coding Enhancements.

Cleared for take off: Branch & iOS 10. Yes, it’s more about Branch than deeplinks itself, but if you use them then you use Branch,¬†isn’t it?

Interesting on GitHub


People and resource worth to know. Everything for android developer, from Twitter feeds to podcasts.

How SwiftKey uses neural network for words prediction. Neural networks quite trendy. Pretty soon everything might be covered by machine learning algorithms.

Collection of tools for debug and profiling of Android apps.

UI/UX Design

Big, bold and beautiful. Apple’s design language is changing in iOS 10.

Massive collection of core UI elements and screens for iOS 10.


Mobile Engagement Showdown: Samsung vs Apple.

The AppStore keyword algorithm update takes effect (apps loss of rank).

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