Mobile Development Digest #41


iOS 10 adoption is growing, now it’s close to 40% (30% past week). iOS 9 is 55% now and iOS 8… well it’s in summarized “Older” now.

I’m still waiting for my Apple Watch Series 2. Want to check how SpriteKit works there ?¬†and SceneKit?

This week Dynamo will host meetup for iOS developers. I’ll talk about animations in iOS, hope that we will have videos ?


New Apple Product Images and Messaging guide lines. If you use images provided by Apple then here is an update for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, Watch Series 2.

Updating NSURLSession calls to Swift 3.0. Seems like automatic conversion of projects from Swift 2.3 to 3.0 doesn’t work well? I wonder if anyone got any help with this. I converted 3 projects and it was quite painful, because NS* classes not only missed NS prefix, but also API changed. Some functions now through exceptions and it’s not handled by migration tool in XCode.

How to turn off non-app logging in XCode

openURL deprecate in iOS10.

Interesting on GitHub

  • Colorblinds.¬†Colorblinds is an easy to use library so simulate color blindness in your app
  • Twicket.¬†Custom UISegmentedControl replacement for iOS, written in Swift


The Making of Lemmings. How DMA Design created a classic, and what happened next.


Effective Android Architecture.

UI/UX Design

The colors by the ten Most popular sites.


Visual Hunt: More Than 350 Million Photos For Free Commercial Use.

Variable fonts, a new kind of font for flexible design.


ITC now can generate reports for subscriptions. This report includes: total number of active subscriptions, free trials and opt-ins. Additional report provides information about subscriber events: upgrades, renewals and free trial conversions.

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Cover photo by Mercury dog [via Visual Hunt]

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  1. Instead of this “Colorblinds” library, ask a real color blind like me ;) They also forgot the tritanopia! I am a bit of the three, so please don’t ask me what colour is your jacket or we will have a serious discussion :)

    1. Hahaha. ok :)

      I read research paper a year ago about colour blind people and it should be around 10% of the mankind. It seems like it shouldn’t be hard to find someone with different color perception, but…

      btw. Do you use color filters in mobile devices to adjust what do you see on a screen?

      1. This was a nice feature I never heard about! For those who don’t know: Settings->General->Accessibility->Display accommodation->Color filters and then the magic starts by switching the filters on.
        Nice feature to know about but that may not solve all problems: in my case I’ve always had troubles with colored curves in graphs or other smaller details where not enough color is available to assess the color.
        I have tried this feature with the Ishihara color vision tests at this address: and improved my results from 1/8 without filters to 8/8 with filter red/green at max intensity!! Definitely have to investigate more about this but glad I can see those bloody figures now!!

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