Mobile Development Digest #42


iOS Dynameet meetup last week was pretty good. We discussed animations, quaternions (3D) and GIFU framework. Reda Lemeden, author of GIFU made the presentation. We captured videos and I hope that guys can finish editing soon. At the moment, presentation and source code for the quaternions available for download. I’m going to upload my presentation and demo projects this week.

iOS 10 adoption is 54%, it’s higher than iOS 9 now (40.6%). Pretty fast growing – more than 10% per week. If you aren’t ready to drop iOS 9 support then at least spend some time to update your apps for iOS 10.

Apple finally opened Search Ads. It’s good and bad. Indie developers could get less attention than before, but now there is a legal way to promote your app. The question is – what budget do you need now?


A practical example of flatMap. Advanced Swift example on how to get rid of if let and replace them with flatMap. Very useful for deserialization and for better code architecture.

StyleKit. Roadmap to version 1. Short story about Swift micro-framework that allows you manage UI styles in JSON. UIAppearance used behind the scenes, so it’s nice and stable.

60 lines of code and detailed setup of certificates for app that can receive VoIP push notifications.

iOS 10: Security Weakness Discovered, Backup Passwords Much Easier to Break. Elcomsoft insists that iOS 10 backup protection mechanism is weak in comparison to past versions of iOS and it allows to brute-force passwords faster. How faster? Smth like 2500x times faster. It is actual only if you use more or less standard password (e.g. MySeCrEtPaSsWoRd).

Interesting on GitHub


Advertising Standards launches investigation into No Man’s Sky. Bad for Hello Games, good for industry. Biggest failure this year in gaming area. Game that promised incredible gaming experience in reality is boring and looks unfinished. What is more important advertisement materials did not show real quality of the game.


Introducing the Realm Mobile Platform: Realtime Sync Plus Fully Open Source Database. ?

UI/UX Design

Periodical table of animations. Not printable, but animated.


Free iPhone 7 Mockup.

What UX Designers can learn from video games.


Analysis of eight years experience of sells and spends in AppStore.

A First look at Apple’s App Store Search Ads. Everything you need to understand what is this.

New research in field of e-commerce. Why 68% of Users Abandon Their Cart


People are accidentally destroying their iPhone7s thanks to a crazy hoax

How 17 anarchists signed a Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

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