Mobile Development Digest #43


Past week Google presented branded smartphones Pixel, and a lot of stuff for home. You may find comparison here. Previous experience with Google-phones says that it will be pretty good Android-phone. The only question I have is how long Google will support it and when all this bunch of devices will bring consistent experience and looks like real ecosystem? Additionally, to devices Google made huge step forward in machine learning and it’s better to watch presentation¬†if you need details.

Samsung Note 7 caught fire still be careful. ?

Apple opened iOS App Development center in Naples. This center was announced in the beginning of the year and now it is opened. According to The Guarding 200 of 4000 applications were accepted.

I got my Apple Watch Series 2 and it’s lagging ??¬†I hope that I can check how it will work with SpriteKit this week.


Quick start to BonMot framework that allows to build NSAtributedStrings easily with focus on beautiful typography.

50 developers, 15 blogs and 10 maillists that you would like to follow.

Objective-C vs Swift. This article is pretty short and offers interesting point of view on problem of choice between these two languages.

Declarative API Design in Swift. One more way to good architecture of API.

How to cast optional string to NSString and Updating strings for Swift 3. Must read articles and avoid problems and frustrations in future.

Interesting on GitHub

  • Typist.¬†Small Swift UIKit keyboard manager for iOS apps.


Microsoft Bot Framework. No, I haven’t change my mind yet. Bots aren’t good yet and it’s mostly waste of time to create and especially to use them. However, this framework looks better than one released by Facebook.

UI/UX Design

All about style guides.

“Page Layers is a website screenshot app for Mac OS X. It converts web pages to Photoshop files with separate layers for all page elements”. I can imaging chaos with some of pages, but could be helpful.

One more time about animation curves.


Apple’s New Search Adds: Everything(1) you(2) need(3) to(4) know¬†(5).

2016 mobile trends in Newzoo report. China is market #1. Global revenue 44.8B, 82% from games. Tablets are still alive.

JibJab Leads iMessage enabled apps in download growth. Market analysis by SensorTower. It’s not applicable to “any” app, only to specific kind of apps.


Interview with Machael Pryor, CEO of Trello (founder of SoundClound). ?

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