Mobile Development Digest #44


Mixpanel released iOS10 adoption report. It is 67% now and iOS 9 around 28%.

Samsung Note 7 is still the problem. One million devices were sold before Samsung stopped sales. Only 13% were returned. There are less than 100 reports about a fact of fire but it is worrying still. Overall situation is not good for Samsung, but good for industry and consumers.

Big story about Dash continues. Bogdan has posted second post about his developer account and Dash. He also posted recording of the phone call to Apple and this doesn’t look smart if he wants return account, but it is quite brave and gives everyone better understanding of how Apple works. I doubt that Apple will do anything after that. Anyway, situation is bit clearer now.


Do you know that URLSessionDownloadTask.resume() broken in iOS 10. Here is a walk around.

Extending XCode 8. This talk from TrySwiftNYC is about how new extensions work in XCode 8, what they can and cannot do. It’s very reasonable and right that Apple removed support of old-style extensions. Apple allowed developers to create safe extensions, but at this moment process of adding it to XCode and way of managing them looks broken and in the best case we will get better extensions support only in XCode 9 (at least I do not remember when Apple released new functions in minor releases). Anyway, if you’re looking for plugins like CLang format or import from anywhere in the code then here is a small list of currently supported extensions.

Autolayout Breakpoints. This trick will save you hours of debug time.

How to debug CGContext issues like ‘invalid context 0x0’.

Interesting on GitHub

  • IGListKit. A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.
  • Reactions. Fully customizable Facebook reactions control.


50 Tips and Best Practices for Unity (2016 Edition). It’s not just 50 tips. This article contains a lot of reference to master your Unity skills.

A Common Form of Designer’s Theft in China. Relatively old article, but still interesting.


Developing apps for Project Tango. If you’re developing for AR/VR then it is something that might help a lot.

Machine Learning with Mobile Vision API. One more article for AR developers on Android.

UI/UX Design

Google Noto Fonts. Font family from Google that works across devices and comes in 800 languages. Licensed under OFL 1.1.

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Cover photo by Xochi Romero.

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