Mobile Development Digest #46


Apple released new MacBook Pro (period). I don’t know what to say, but if earlier I had a reason to upgrade (e.g. performance) then now… Well, numbers and figures in presentations are good, but due to technical specification of video cards it’s not so fast as it should be in 2016/2017. Touch panel on the top of the keyboard? Why touch pad itself wasn’t converted to this interactive field? Well. Anyway, Apple updated MacOS HIG and included touch bar description.

Apple released WatchOS 3.1, and that’s significantly decreased power usage. Now I charge my watch every 3rd day and not every day… Anyway sounds a bit crazy. Charging a watch… Just ten years ago, could I ima…

However, it’s not a good time for smartwatches at all. Due to IDC summary drop in sales is more than 50% and Apple got more than 70% decrease in shipments. On the other hand, they still the biggest supplier.

This week iOS 10 adoption decreased a bit?, probably just a fluctuation.


In-App purchase promo codes now available. Yes, finally! Apple did it. You can give away up to 100 promo codes fro EACH in-app purchase item, but 1000 maximum per app.

Solving Mathieu’s phone: The mystery of disappearing gigs.

Swift app bundle sizes.

Flowing text around images with exclusion paths. If you don’t like CoreText and just need to render something.


Game development with unity. Lessons learned while building Linia.


An Android library for material design values. All constants and keys explained. ?

UI/UX Design

Stop making me sign up!Ā New trend. Some apps definitely requires a login, but when it should block users from anonymous usage? Is everything in the app requires login? A lot things that require good balance. If you don’t follow then you loose users.


The app launch check list. guys released good checklist. It’s not the first and not the last, but it’s not outdated at least, and interactive :)

All metrics that matter for your app. Once again about what to measure to understand what is going on with your app (and couple to understand what to improve).

71% of all app installs triggered by a push notification. Looks a bit suspicious but I it’s really annoying that every second app asking for permissions right after start.


Autolayout debugging.


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