Mobile Development Digest #48


It was a good week. A lot of people was focused on US election and this has reduced noise in tech news field. I has found some very interesting articles for mastering development skills and for better understanding of how you may debug and improve your apps.

In this issue: Updated in Swift Playgrounds, news from Apple,case studies in development and design, awesome tips and resources for Android.


A few interesting things about iOS Swift Playgrounds. Major thing is that you no longer “print”.

Linking to Your tvOS App Product Pages. It’s really really good step. I wonder why it’s still not the same as for iPhone. Technically, you create extensions for the app to run it on Apple TV and it would be excellent if users will see TV apps in iTunes. However, links are better than nothing.

Mixing Initializers. Short explanation of how to mix init, init? and init throws.

How I deleted 10k lines of code and turned 2 minutes to 1 seconds. CoreData case study.

Taming Hipmunk’s iOS Code ✈︎. One more case study, about MVVM architecture pattern.


RandomKit. Random data generation in Swift


Scene Kit: Deformable terrain. This tutorial is about Apple’s SceneKit that shows how simple, but powerful this framework is. It’s hard to compete with Unity in the field of 3D gaming, but SceneKit has chances. I wrote several projects with SceneKit and it’s impressively good for developers who wants to jump in gamedev.


Android Nougat hits 0.3% adoption after 2 months. Google, come on! That’s biggest pain with Android.


50 Android Studio Tips, Tricks & Resources you should be familiar with, as an Android Developer.

UI/UX Design

Redesigning the Spotify Icon Suite. It’s very nice story and explanation, but I haven’t seen any difference as a user.

Hamburger menu alternatives for mobile navigation. I’m a bit confused. During past years a lot of designers talking to not use hamburger menu, Apple didn’t recommend it and Google was sceptical about hamburger menu. However, even Apple (still) uses it in AppStore app (quite fresh btw). So, what is right?

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