Mobile Development Digest #49


In this issue:

  • Swift and Android development tips
  • Google explains that Android¬†not a monopoly in GIFs
  • Microsoft releases VS preview for Mac
  • Several case studies on architecture, design and rewriting app for Swift 3
  • Stanford free course for game developers
  • Unity report for Q3.


Meaningful Composite Errors. I was surprised more with the decoding of JSON to Swift object, but approach to error handling is very handy.

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Queue Data Structure.

iOS 10: Notification Service Extensions.

Case Studies

Case study: Zorko.

Refactoring an MVVM App To Swift 3.


Overdrive. Fast async task based API in Swift with focus on type safety, concurrency and multi threading.


Google explains to EU that Android isn’t a monopoly.

How to use custom views as menu items.


Visual Studio for Mac РIntroducing Visual Studio for Mac. ??? Microsoft announced that Visual Studio for Mac (Xamarin Studio?) will support both Android and iOS development. VS itself promised to be very close if not the same as for Windows. Cool move.


Games by the numbers Q3 2016. Android and iOS have relatively the same number of sessions, but Android users spends more time in games. Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom are on top by session length. Yes, US not in the top this time.

Game Theory II: Advanced Applications. New course created by Stanford University and The University of British Columbia. If you wish to understand more about strategic interactions and comfortable with mathematics. I enrolled to the course, so find me there, probably we could work in as a team :)

UI/UX Design

Navigation patterns in iOS and Android.

A User-Centered Approach to Solving Micronavigation for the Blind.

Designing the new Uber App.


Autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware (Neighborhood Long).

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